Second Bloom

Made entirely from secondhand floral bedspreads, curtains, and thrifted jeans, each piece in this collection transforms the unwanted or unwearable into something of both aesthetic and practical use.  As a strong advocate for eco-friendly fashion, I designed this collection to challenge the dichotomy between “trendiness” and “sustainability” within the fashion world.

This was my first collection ever, made for Fashion@Brown’s Spring 2022 runway show. Selections from this collection were later shown in the StyleWeek Northeast annual runway show on October 14, 2022.

Models (in order of appearance): Izzy Abbott, Sydney Nutakor, Zoe Siegel, Melinda Zhang

Hair and makeup courtesy of Fashion@Brown’s Hair and Makeup Team
Photography: Karl Swenson

As featured in StyleWeek — October 14, 2022 in Providence, RI.

Models: Karlie Mercado (top) and Angela Lian (bottom)
Makeup: Sophie Phipps
Photography: Myke Yeager