Individual Pieces

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been sewing and creating my own clothes, costumes, and gifts for friends. During high school, what had begun as a simple hobby progressed into a full-on clothing business in which I sewed my own designs and upcycled thrifted clothing and fabrics to sell on my Instagram page, @shirathrifts. While I have always been interested in fashion, my love for clothes and design flourished over the course of those years, inspiring me to take on more ambitious projects and full collections in college.

Below, I have included some of the many garments I have created and upcycled over the past few years:

Patchwork corsets (April 2022) and denim corset (October 2022)

To create the patchwork corsets, I used an assortment of vintage fabric scraps courtesy of Fashion@Brown. Using the same pattern I drafted for the denim corset shown in my collection, Second Bloom, I first created each section of the corset by assembling, hemming, and sewing the fabric scraps together. Then, I lined each section with muslin for support. As I lacked a metal eyelet kit, I hand-sewed around each eyelet to reinforce the fabric down the lace-up back.

I modified the original corset pattern slightly for the denim corset in order to create a more cropped fit, and thinner straps that would stay more flush to the body. Additionally, I expanded the modified pattern to include multiple different sizes.

Various tops from thrifted fabric (2021 and 2022)

Adjustable tie “milkmaid top” made from a thrifted skirt — spring 2021

Halter top made from three different thrifted button-downs — spring 2021

Babydoll tank top made from a thrifted curtain — fall 2021  

Blouse spaghetti strap tank with underbust seam and shirring, made from thrifted checkered shirts — summer 2022

Two vests made from thrifted pillowcases — fall 2022

Other projects:

Adding embellishments and patches to sweatshirts and jackets using an open-toe quilting foot with a sewing machine.

Drafting a pattern for high-waisted pants and creating several pairs of pants.